Todays project title was called "use it", exploring the different types of chairs in history was very interesting as I knew every chair presented but i didn't know the history and names which helped me. Our task was o develop a design idea of the original Robin Day chair and create a prototype of the adaptions. However first we were given a research task of exploring the ways in which people sit on chairs, we sketched out about 20 images which definitely helped me to create a final idea.

This was an effective task as I noticed that the majority of people didn't have anything to lean on whilst drawing so they were using their legs or something else but they didn't seem very comfortable.I decided to create a chair which had a table that then turns to create two arm rests when the table is not in use. Whilst researching I thought about how the chair has to be accessible at all times possible which is why I add the rotating arms. American schools have a lot of chairs which have tables attached to them, I used this design as inspiration but added my own features.

To develop our idea we were told to sketch the chair design adding the features with effective brainstorming using customisation, comfort and function as different aspects. I felt that this was the task where i struggled the most not only due to the ability of sketching the chair and person but also because of the simplicity of the design.

The making of the prototype was most probably the easiest task of the day, I was confident in making the main structure and I was also able to keep it stable as it was made out of paper so i added more strength using wooden sticks at the legs of the chair. I felt that I could have made the chair look much nicer however the lack of materials meant that I was limited, nevertheless I was able to create the main feature of the moving arm rests to create a table. 

I feel that i've been given a good understanding of product design, the idea of problem solving, improving what you've done to make it better really interests me. This may be a future pathway for me however at the moment it's most likely going to be architecture and spatial design.

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