Today we had to prepare for the presentation on A2 paper with the final drawing and information.

How did the visualisation process evolve the idea?

Visualisation is one of a sense that easy to understand by using our eyes. To make our target group understand what we are going to communicate through our installation. We have to take into consideration about where it should be placed and how big it was going to be. So we decided to tour our art installation around for example, in the city because living there has stressed and pressured from the surrounding.

Explain the role of both primary and secondary research in the development of your idea?

Our primary research is finding inspiration from my surrounding in and outside the classroom such as looking for material and process that looks similar from our keyword ( Optimism, Silk, Print). Then we write into a mind map and discuss. We combine these 3 words and came up with the main idea of “ Present”, because “Optimism” means hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something, so we use “future” to be our keyword and present makes us feel when we receive a present or give from someone we looking forward to it. We use the library and the internet as a resource to researched in more details. Then we looked into the material and process “How to print on silk,” so we can use the silk as a ribbon.

How successful was your group presentation? How could it have been improved?

However, our presentation went very well. Everyone feel comfortable to present in their part; there is still something that we can do better. In my opinion, if we have more time we could make some 3D example to make it more easy to understand.

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