• Did I explore my project theme in enough depth?

In the beginning of the project I did struggle coming up with a theme as I am not a conceptual individual when it comes to ideas, therefore, I usually like my concept to be straightforward without much ‘deep’ meanings behind it. To explore my project theme in depth I looked at the ideas of “Construction and Demolition” in three different ways. Firstly, I looked at primary research of construction site and how demolition waste was being compressed. Secondly, to develop my ideas i interpreted the words “demolition” which I came across to “compression”. In order to explore my project theme more in depth I began doing sample and shape development in response to my visual of the theme.


  • Has my project changed from whatr I initially proposed? If so, why and how did I do that?

My project did changed slightly from what I initially proposed. I looked at the ideas of “compression” midway though my development, instead of interpreting the words “demolition” to response my initial theme - I was much interested in interpreting “compression” more. I began doing primary research for it by getting a can of Cola and get someone to harshly step of it, at the same time I would record it and make a slide show to show the process of how it is being compressed.

  • How has my research influenced, informed and shaped my project outcome?

To start of my project I began doing textiles sample, I did not explore this pathways from my other previous project and so I want to have a chance to start exploring with textiles for this project. I was inspired by the lines of the construction, so I did weave in response to my interpretation of the imagery. In addition, to make my garment more viable I researched existing garment that would correlate with my theme, and so I came across to workwear and health and safety wear. These both experimentation were also partly my research that influenced my project outcome. Without much researching of these it would not informed and shaped my project outcome.

  • If I could start my project again, what would I do differently and how would I go about it?

If I could start my project again, I would definitely look at more recycling which is opposite toward my theme. When I start this project I did some bit of research about recycling ‘demolition waste’ which was quite relevant for my research. To go about this I would look more into the materials that could be recycle, plus the beneficial and sustainability. I think that recycle and sustainable would go hand in hand with each other as they are similar to look at in that field.

  • What is the most successful and what is the least successful aspect of my project? What are my strengths and my weaknesses?

The most successful is definitely my outcome, to be frank I was more pleased with my final outcome through this project. I think another successful aspect of my project is exploring textiles that made it looks effective and really goes well with my theme. The least successful aspect is my development because I feel like my development have been quite repetitive, somehow it did not show the detailed process and whether if I have challenged myself or not. I believe that my strengths is being able to visualise my interpretation into my sketchbook, I also think that my photoshop skills is partly my strengths as well because I feel more confidence when doing illustration. I believe my weakness is fashion illustration I think this field is what I have been lacking, and due to my lacks of confidence in this field it kind of stopped me when doing design outcomes that’s why I tend to rely on photoshop.

  • Assuming I have achieved my intended outcomes, could I now take these concepts and ideas further if I had more time? If so, in which way?

In my opinion, if I did achieved my intended outcomes I do not think I would have time to take the ideas further. If so I think I will look more into waste in different fields as another direction toward my initial ideas. I feel like looking at waste can give a broad views of incorporating my outcomes in an distinctive ways.

  • Looking back on my project, are there additional research, development or design outcomes I could have come up with to improve my submission?

I strongly do believe that my design outcome could have come up as a way improve my submission. Because the design outcomes I came up with was quite lacking, and repetitive so I would like to produce much better quality. I also think that I could have done more development, like do more primary research of compression using various object to show the texture and lines, which then can be a next step of shape development.

  • How well did I organise myself and manage my time during this project?

I think that I was pretty organise with my sketchbook, by sticking on post-it notes in suggesting development that I could experiment with, and I made sure to keep a reflection in my journal so I am not behind with it, otherwise, my time management was pretty bad for this project.

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