My morning started off by purchasing 8 more packages of tights (80 individual socks), which was followed by me continuing to assemble my installation. By adding a smaller, concentrated component to the top of the piece, i felt that the overall appearance had an improved finish, as this helped to create a "budding" effect. This gave the appearance of a newly growing plant that was sprouting at the top, preparing for new leaves to come through. It also provided a new curvature, adding more shape to the composition. I experimented with growing the piece out onto the gallery floor as well, by having individual components loosely left astray from the body of the piece, but after taking pictures and comparing them, i felt that the overall composition was much stronger when all in one piece. I was not able to finish this piece entirely (im not sure if i ever will feel that it is finished???), but will continue to work on it on Monday, once i print out all extra portfolio pieces.

I feel as though this piece could continue growing, and has so many structural options that i will never feel fully satisfied with the final appearance. It is the sort of piece that could take months of rearranging before it finally feels to be right, but then again, there is not a "right" organic shape, as they are all independent and unique from one another. But i will do my best to complete it to my satisfaction on Monday.

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