Nation and Identity - pg67

The relationship between society and the individual is a tale of two opposites, you generally cannot choose the initial society in which you live, it is chosen by your family, your parents. This has a direct impact on the fibres of one’s identity, your surroundings influence you constantly throughout your life, however it is also a case of how you interpret and respond to your cultural circumstances, two people raised in the same area will have completely different outlooks on life which I think is essentially what individuality is all about, we are all given a base of social norms and influences but it is how we develop and turn these base ideas into something entirely individual to us.

The text reinforces the notion that through all the details of one’s character, at the end of the day, the sense of nationality instilled from birth remains constant and a substantial factor in our lives to the extent where in some cases the sense of nationality prioritises over personal interest. It could be interesting to focus on the contrast between one’s pre-determined cultural circumstances and the progression of one’s character and social understanding??

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