After reviewing my thoughts of as to how to take these sculptural forms further, i came to the idea of introducing it within an organic space, where it looks like it should be there, although we really know it should not. This plays with this idea of waste collecting in certain areas that we are unaware of. "Out of sight, out of mind" is referenced, as by my introducing it into an organic area, we dont initially notice its presence, yet the problem still exists and persists. We are unaware of it being there, and therefore dont really see it to be a problem. 

In order to play with this idea, i have put the plastic objects within the branches of trees, in order to disguise and blend them in within their surroundings. The plastic, which in fact looks like organic fungus, seems to be sprouting out of the bark, as if it were growing out of the tree. Fungus is known to be an unwanted presence, and something that we should get rid of, and so we should also see plastic and waste in the same way. It being disguised as fungus signifies the problem of us being unaware of its persisting presence. 

I really liked the way the photos turned out for this "experiment", and hope to develop this even further in the following days. 

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