Today i drew out potential outcomes in my sketchbook, after reviewing the work that i had made previously in the trees. I found that by writing about the work; what was successful about it, what could be improved, what could be changed... etc, i was able to re-think new ideas that would push the concept even further, with a new and improved visual impact. For example, introduce new colours through different types of tights, introduce fishing nets...(fish net tights?) introduce a greater variety of sizes... etc. I also sketched out what the new and improved piece would potentially look like, and feel as though it could be successful and therefore is something i should carry out. The next thing i had to tackle was how i should go about physically making and installing it. This is crucial, especially when working in public spaces and on larger scales. I will carry out test pieces to see if i can make the work mostly at home before installing it within the public space.

Through drawing i also found that if i made the objects range of sizes on a much larger scale, it would be far more effective. This may mean introducing new materials, such as nets, in order to achieve this range of diversity. I started by finding fish net tights to see how effective they may be in containing the plastic bags. I liked the results, but in order to move onto a larger scale, i will need to find netting that is much larger than tights. The material will therefore potentially not be as elasticated and so will introduce new challenges, but i will face this when the time comes.  

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