Today  i continued experimenting with cardboard, and combined it with the tights and plastic bag forms that i have recently been creating. This deemed to be unsuccessful, as the colours merge too much into one, and it detracts from the obscure bulbous form, making them look more random and awkward rather than celebrating their form. I initially attempted to create a cardboard base like the one i did in a previous project that was presented in "the street", but saw that this did not marry well with the tight formations as the colours blended too well and the mix of textures was not appropriate. I then rearranged the base in different positions, where pieces awkwardly overhung one another and overlapped at different angles, in order to try and resolve the issue. However, this was also unsuccessful. This means that i may need to ditch the cardboard all together. I could potentially introduce the plastic tights in different environments...(growing off actual objects for example?) and see if this is more effective. However, i feel as though i will find that the main bulbous object itself is what is needed to be celebrated, and that i should attempt to create lots of different sculptures of these pieces in themselves, rather than starting to introduce different elements. 

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