Filling out the exhibition space form was difficult to do, because at this point i am still uncertain as to how my outcome will turn out. However, i was able to produce a vague idea as to what may be included. For instance, i know from previous experiments within this project that i will not be working with video. This is because I feel as though i dont  have the knowledge or equipment at easy access, thus hindering my time to work with it efficiently enough in order to produce something of high quality. I have produced some videos along this course, however, from doing this i have been assured that this is not a process i would like to develop further, as i prefer the physical making of things, rather than technological side of things. This means i am certain i will not need a projector. Saying no to electricity all together however is something i can not yet agree to. I have played with light through material experimentation and i have seen that it helps to project and elevate certain qualities of materials like plastic bags. These qualities are not seen without the light projecting through it, and so this is something i think i would like to explore with further, especially now that i feel certain i will be using a combination of plastic bags and tights in the final outcome. As to saying whether the work will be fully wall based i can not say, as Sarah Lucas has shown to suspend her work which consists of a similar structure, and i think this would to help elevate the ethereal qualities of the piece. 

I know for now from filling out this form what my next main focuses are; continue experimentation with light as well as composition, whether it is suspended or not. 

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