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Today was a very productive day. I couldn't sleep last night so I thought of my project (obviously!). I realised that I wanted to add a really cool touch to my bags with the materials. I've figured out how I am going to make them, what they are going to look like and what features are going to be added to it, thanks to the workshop we did yesterday, but I didn't think of what I wanted it to look like - do I want to make a statement with it? 

Let me explain this more clearly: I have the opportunity to reach quite a bit of people in the world with my designs. Do I want this particular backpack and project to stand for something? Do I want to highlight a cause that is important to me? The answer is yes. I want to tell people that in 60 years we will not be able to ski anymore. That's not reversible. I also don't want to be like those tree-huggers that tell people how to live. I just want to highlight something and let people make their own decisions. That being said, I am thinking of ways to push that across and make it environmentally friendly to add an edge to my backpack. I am thinking of have a triptych (that's three) of backpacks. One that stand for each issue that I support, like animal conservation, nature conservation and how we can help them out (or something like that).

I have watched countless, countless, countless documentaries about this and I'm interested in a lot of issues all over the world but I think this is a dilemma that literally is pertinent to every single person in the entire world. And very few people realise that. So why not use the little window of fame to show some people how to help out? I can show that through my A2 sheets, sketchbook and through my techniques used to make the bag. 

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