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I am bunching up this week's reflection into one because I think that I thought about my project 24 h a day, and it's easier to think back on it as a whole. We had progress tutorials this week, and mine was on tuesday with Kathleen. She really helped me with being assertive with my work and the fact that she liked my idea was really helpful in terms of my own perspective on my project. I made a plan to look at the next two weeks and mapped out what I needed to do, and how I could achieve the highest grade, even though that's not really my primary focus. I'm not saying that i don't want a high grade, but just like in high school, I just work as hard as I can and the grade follow. If you stress out about getting a pass, merit or distinction, that's all you are thinking about, and your motivation does not come intrinsically. My friend Sondos actually taught me that. So instead of looking for a reward (in this case the grade), I am looking at doing the work for myself, and the grade will follow. I also think this way it will feel a lot more genuine, and I am not doing this project to please someone, I first want to please myself. 

The rest of the week, I worked in my sketchbook, printed and pasted three gazillion photos and did a lot more secondary research on bags. I think that my original secondary research was much more focused on technology, and after my talk with Georgia last week and Kathleen this week, I want to make it technology-free. I feel like a backpack is the perfect opportunity to make something of high quality, and that will be cross-seasonal. So I did an enormous amount of research and annotated it and everything to look at sports backpacks. I think that helped me develop my idea a lot more and made me a little bit more confident in the path that I chose. 

I also went and looked at materials in Soho, which are exorbitant by the way! £39 for a meter of fabric! What?! So I am looking into buying my fabric in Japan later on during spring break, and if that doesn't work I guess ill find something in a second hand store. I also need to look into how I could make it environmentally friendly. Is it how I make it? What material I make it out of? Don't know yet, I'm thinking about it now.

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