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Today we were in King's Cross and we had the "Work In Progress" show. We had to make an A2 sheet with our research on it, and I ended up making 3 for primary research. I really didn't like them so I'm going to have to think of new ones. We also had to make little 3D models to show our idea. I showed the box I had woven in class last week, and a new acrylic shell of the bag to show what shape I wanted it to be. I also made a cute little backpack with calico and card, which I think was adorable and really put my idea into 3D. I plan on making it full scale later next week. 

Anyways everyone set up in the morning and then we looked around all three curriculum areas (PDC, ASD and JFFA) in the afternoon. I was very, very impressed by everyone's work and thought that PDC was a little bit of a let down work-wise. JFFA and ASD had done so much work, so many A2 sheets and had absolutely stunning sketchbook. Coming home after that, I had a chat with my friends about our curriculum and it kind of answered all the questions I had been having during the day, and the doubts about the amount of work I had done. We came to the conclusion that each pathway looks very different because of the sheer difference in ideology. For example, my friend Sam came up to me and told me that she didn't understand our projects. Keep in mind she is in JFFA so the way we looked at this open brief was very, very different. They were focused on emotion and choosing something often controversial to make a jewellery piece on the body. We were asked to find a problem in the world and solve it. ASD on the other hand is a combination of those two things. They get to be very expressive but also have to be quite down to earth. So the reason our sketchbooks close properly (not like the ones in JFFA that look like old manuscripts) and the reason ours aren't so colourful and expressive is down to the fact that we are problem solvers, and we look a the world simply differently than the overly expressive JFFA students. I am not slamming anyone here, I am just stating the differences I observed during our "Work In Progress" show. Honestly, I think that Product Designers don't get a lot of recognition, and they should. If you think of what their duty is to the people is to create such a seamless and stress-less environment that their work goes un-noticed. If you find a flaw in the design, they have not done their job properly. Anyways that's what I thought of during this afternoon. 

This "Work In Progress" show definitely gave me motivation to add to my sketchbook, and also be a little be more colourful and creative through my work, so that the JFFA students can finally understand how important what we do is ;)

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