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Today our tutor was Kathleen, and we were scheduled to do the "Hats" workshop with her. Honestly, one of the best workshops I've ever had. Prior to today, I was confident and excited about my idea but I was really struggling with materialising it into a 3D model. I had made a little tiny version but I didn't know if it would work full scale. I also thought that my idea was a little bit too simple and I was scared that people might think I hadn't put any effort into the design development. I have also been working very hard on my sketchbook. 

Anyways we did the "Hats" workshop today, and I'll attach some images under, but it was great. Basically we had to draw eight squares on a double spread and fill each in with a different "hat", or point of view. For example, if the hat was "emotional", you had to write about what scared you. or if it was "creative", you had to come up with new solution for your design. I think this was good because it made me think of different ways of looking at my project, even negatively. I usually kind of keep my feelings of doubt inside and this helped me express it in a way. I don't think any designer particularly likes to look at all the things that are going wrong in their project, and that really helped me do exactly that. 

The outcome of the workshop was some brand new ideas that I will definitely turn into a 3D full-size model tomorrow, and a new positive and exciting outlook on my project. All the doubts in the world and gone now, and I can go full-throttle into my project. I also marked all the pages in my sketchbook where I need to annotate and draw, so I'll do that tonight. I found a way to make me fill in the pages by putting little post-it notes where theres something missing. The fact that I can take it off when I am done is a good incentive and I'll definitely do this in the future. 

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