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Today Georgia was our Tutor. This was our last taught day before Spring Break so everyone made sure to stay focused. I think this was one of the most productive days we've had as a class in the workshop. Everyone was kind of scared because we had several lectures in the past few days that stressed us out so much. It was all about timing and the fact that we are behind and everything which I thought was aggravating but helpful.

I am leaving to Japan and Korea on Thursday afternoon so I made myself a list of things I want to accomplish over the next two days. I will put a picture below. Apart from cleaning up my workflow and adding progress photos, I also want to add to my idea development and and create a 3D model, which I did today and which I am very, very proud of. I will also add a picture below to show you. 

Anyways I really liked the fact that Georgia didn't baby us today. She literally just told us to read the brief from the "Make It In A Day" workshop and get to it. I did exactly that I set off to poundland to get some extra materials I didn't have. I had bought two meters of calico that I had used to make the mini bag, so I wanted to use that and card, but I still needed the sponges to make the padding so I got some cheap thin sponges that turned out to be great! I started off by making the shell of my bag. Again I'll attach some photos to demonstrate. I basically make a stencil on some card and cut out four different shapes. Three were attached to make the bag moveable, and the lid of the bag I had to sow on. I punched some holes and then weaved a dark organic looking string through it. That literally took me an hour because I had to create a sort of needle because it was too weak the push through the hole. After that was done I took my lunch break and then started again with the calico. Since I want the bag to be as fluid as possible, and really move with the body, I decided to have the frame of the bag be out of a rigid material and the sides out of a stretchy fabric. I know calico isn't stretchy but the way it was glued on made it possible to move the bag back and forth. 

I had made the back of the bag curved with simply putting another piece of card that was cut in a curve perpendicular to the back of the bag. This sounds confusing so I'll put a picture under. I also wanted the straps to have padding so I took the sponges, cut them in half so they were two inches wide and then wrapped them in calico to make the straps. After glueing them on, I made the back padding the same way. I didn't cut the sponges though so they were four inches wide running all down the back. The sponges were also multicoloured and you could see it faintly through the calico which looked awesome!! I'll put some pictures under this.

Honestly I didn't think I was going to achieve this much in one day and it really made me feel confident about my product. I would however change the shape a little bit to make it look more dynamic because I want the sports feeling to come across a lot more. 

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