Today i tried further experimentation with materials; plastic bags and tights. After discussing with my tutor, it was clear to me that i had to try to stick with a certain material and process that i have enjoyed working with in the past, and push it even further. After looking through my workflow research as well as my sketchbook, i identified key aspects and characteristics of the work that i am interested in;

1) A lot of the artists i have researched involve re-organising objects (plastics, rubbish etc) into something more organic - this is done by repeating a processes using consistent materials, but in an asymmetrical way. (Not fully ordered, so it looks organic) 

2) Using plastic bags and manipulating their properties - including air - Air is considered to contain junk according to "The Waste Makers", due to the pollution within it 

By revising the Research section in my workflow, i was able to pick up new ideas and methods of working that i can apply towards my current methods of working. For example, Sarah Lucas fastened tights to a metal rack in order for them to keep their shape. By applying this method to my own works, i have gained ideas as to how i can take my sculptures further in terms of fastening it. e.g. could thread it through a hole witihn cardboard? rather than using metal? 

Later on in the day i tried this, however the colours all blended into the cardboard due to the tights being of a brownish colour. This means i could start introducing different coloured bags, thus marking the various different brands that we are constantly being exposed to...e.g. light green for asda, blue and red for tesco, dark green for m&s, white for waitrose etc.... 

The different colours could potentially help to make it look further organic, due to the random and sporadic effect it may have. 

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