20/03/17- Somerset House

Today i discussed my ideas with class mates, as well as a tutor. This was extremely useful as i was given more ideas as to how i could progress my project further in terms of exploration and refinement. I was also recommended an exhibition to go to, "Grow-Conserve", which is highly relevant to my project. I will go later on today. 

Pupil Feedback:

1) they liked the plastic bags in the trees, as they felt as though their placement was natural and unobtrusive 

2) I could put natural objects, that you wouldnt necessarily think of as rubbish, into plastic bags. (objects like twigs, leaves etc) introduces this idea of transformation - re interprets their meaning and value? 

3) Yan Wang Preston - at the "Grow-conserve" exhibition- plastic bags actually PROTECT the trees from the outside pollution - interesting irony in this?  As i saw the bags to be a threat 

4) wrap trees in cling film- enveloping the trees and suffocating them - more menacing. or perhaps this could be interpreting as PRESERVING the trees, as cling films main purpose is used for the preservation of foods

5) recreate something natural, e.g tree log , into concrete - and then smash it. Film the destruction 

6) throwing away is a very unceremonious act- create some sort of ceremony for the disposal of things This turns it into something worth thinking about and considering - prevents the "out of sight, out of mind" problem

7) take inspiration from the natural world and natural forms . eg cocoons  - the way they hold themselves suspended from trees - spun in silk (silk could be plastic?) 

8) look at George Shaw- makes paintings of human disturbance in the natural world

9) look at Michael landy - destroys all his belongings into rubbish - makes us re-think the value of our belongings ? is it necessary? 

10) trap trees/ branches into silicon - rebuild this tree on a wall?

My tutor highlighted the fact that a lot of the materials i am using are recyclable. This helps to elevate this idea of remaking and reinterpreting an object into a new thing, perhaps more beautiful than its original form.  Providing it with a new context through recycling helps to demonstrate that the rubbish that we create does not necessarily have to go to waste, but it can be remade into something of value. Therefore i could continue exploring in the manipulation of materials, to help recreate something into original source. 

He also suggested that i look into more versatile, less conventional materials, such as clothing. (TIGHTS?)

We assume that the clothes we give away to be donated go to less well off countries, however many of them end up getting shipped and literally dumped there. It was recommended that i look up "NCM Space Studios Photographer - Photo Fusion (waste clothes)", as quantities of wasted clothes have been captured and documented here. 

I feel as though i have done a lot of exploration in terms of materials and different mediums so far... (sculpture, photography, video) etc, and i feel that i should start focusing on one area in order to focus on developing a particular outcome for this project. However, this is hard to do as i am very indecisive! Now that i have a month left to create and exhibit a piece of work, i feel as though i can explore with materials for the next week or so, then decide to focus on one and develop this into something much more refined and worth of presentation. 



Following class, i went to the exhibition, Grow and Conserve. This was heavily relevant to this project as it was all about capturing the effects of grow and conserve within a photo. This featured before and after pictures of areas in China, consisting of trees and developments. It also showed neglected mines that make a permanent "Scar" on our environment, along with land fill sites. It was interesting to see the rapid transformations that have been made to our planet as a result of rapid development and population growth. Notes on research will be found within my Research Page. 

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