Today i decided to start exploring with materials on a larger scale within public spaces. I brought materials with me, white plastic bags as well as tissue paper, and hung them within tree branches on the Heath. This was a quick and easy task, and helped me to see what materials worked best within open air conditions:'

- plastic bags are more durable than tissue paper- didnt tear or fall apart

- plastic bags have a more graceful quality than paper - they held themselves gently within the air, whereas the paper had to be tied 

Although the main aim was to show the bags to be threatening, they actually looked quite vulnerable within the trees, as though the branches were the ones attacking them. However, this may not necessarily be a bad thing? It still holds the same connotations due to the materials and environment that its being situated within. Perhaps by creating something more graceful and elegant than something menacing, this could create a more likeable piece of work. If it is likeable in terms of aesthetic and grace, then people would be more likely to notice it and take an interest in it. Therefore, let it be something worth talking about. This will encourage people to look into the impact that waste has on our environment, and be encouraged to make a difference. 

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