14/03/17 - Progress Tutorial

Today i had my progress tutorial with Susan, and she helped to relay what i need to do more of and what i should continue doing. She also suggested some artists that could potentially help me with my work that would be situated within the public. These artists dont necessarily link in with the theme that i explore, but they would help me with the composition of a piece and working out how i could potentially structure it. They will also help me to think about what materials could be appropriate... eg Nets?

The "reading research" part of this project should be minimising, and the actual making of art and artistic ideas part of this project should be increasing. Susan suggested that i look into the research of artists more, rather than the scientific side of it so much, as after all, this project is about ART! 

I was told that i am not making enough entries into my workflow reflection, and so i will aim to enter one at least once a day. I think this wil be useful in terms of getting my mind further in gear with the development of this project, as it will force me to consider its elements everyday. 


Ernesto Neto (material engagement - previously looked at his work - involves olfactory pieces) 

Pyllida Barlow - (material engagement  - stacks of wood) 

Natalie Jeremijenko (crosses with plants)

Mierle Laderman Ukele 


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