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Today we had class with Kathleen. We were back into our group and I was really happy about that but then we go separated into pairs to start the workshop that was supposed to last all day. Sadly I couldn't attend this afternoon's class because I had to go into work, but I spent my morning trying to understand and deconstruct someone else's work. 

Here is the thing... I wasn't mad about this workshop at all, and I do think it helped my project in a way because I had to explain it over and over again to the other person. It made me realise that even though I had a concrete theme, and a concrete direction, I still had a lot of lee-way on the possibilities for the making part. I have so many ideas running through my head like backpacks and water bottles and ski-racks, that I m confusing myself even more. I need to either pick a sport and get going, or go on the "universal" route. I am more leaning towards picking a sport and really focusing on that because it would make this process a lot simpler (not easier though!). Anyways I really did not enjoy this morning, but like every other class, there are the ups and downs. This weekend, my aim is to do a lot more idea development and pick the product that I will be making. Starting Monday, I will go into the workshops and make some technical models that will put me on the right path. 

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