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Today was another independent day with the group. I really think that this "group system" works really well because we are still working independently and at our own pace but we have people to talk to that have a similar interest theme-wise. I also think that it is better than working completely by ourselves because we would be demotivated and lazy. So I am really grateful for having been put in a group that cares about each other's success and are willing to help one another. 

Our group allocated the morning to continue idea development. Some people had made quite a lot of models, but that's not how I work so i continued refining my ideas. I like to make mind maps of simple ideas, and then pick a few and refine them, and then make a model. My models aren't necessarily very detailed but I usually pick the most complicated or challenging part of my idea and make it into a model to try to solve it. For example, today I came up with an idea of a backpack that doubles as a storage unit when you're not on a trip. Ill put a picture of it under here. Anyways I wanted the backpack to go from a storage box in your garage, to a diamond shaped backpack when you put it on your back. The diamond shape is best because it would be the most ergonomic shape. Instead of feeling like a heavy turtle the weight would distribute evenly. 

Anyways, to figure out how it goes from a square to a diamond shape when you put the straps on, I made a first little model where I sowed some squares together but it would slide into a diamond shape. It would just stay as a box. To fix that I made some slits on the two squares of the cube on each side, but figured that it had to do with the right angle of those sides. So, I got rid of them entirely and just had a hollow cube and then knitted some stretchy string to make it into a backpack. That made it possible for it to go from a sturdy box into a diamond shape. I talked it over with my group mates and they thought it was cool so that was a productive day I guess.

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