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Part I / IV


With a topic as broad as Adventure, the possibilities and directions for research are endless. There are so many interpretation that I need to separate my research to avoid an overflow of data, and a counterproductive research week. Because of that, I have decided to divide my primary research into three distinct but intellectually overlapping categories. The first is "The Psychology of Adventure", where I will look at the biological reasons why we, as a species, have this irrefutable need for adventure. The second will be "The Socioeconomics of Adventure" where I will look at the distinct characteristics of why some people go on adventures and why some people don't. Note that this is different from the first category since I am not looking at the biology but at the environment people are in. The third will be "My Adventure" where I will spend a week in the Southern Alps of France, with my friends and family, doing every activity possible and recording it on my Canon 650D.


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