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Today was one of the most productive days so far. We were allocated in groups that were sorted by our theme ideas and honestly that was a great idea. Thank you Kathleen! So our group name is Health and Well Being, which is exactly what I'm leaning towards since my project is about people going on adventures and being able to explore the world they live in. We also made a nice little chart to map out the next two weeks before spring break where we would plan our exhibitions and deadlines. Everyone was really helpful in the group and we get along really well so that's nice.

Today we did some idea development and some sketch models. Obviously everyone works at different paces and differently as well so I did more of a brainstorm and left the sketch models for tomorrow since I'll have a better idea of what direction I want to go in. I made four nice mind maps that I'll add at the bottom of this reflection. I basically picked four outdoors adventure that are the most popular and that my family does as well so I would have a personal input in the matter. Some people say that you should design for others, not for yourself but I think that's stupid. You need to have a personal connection to your work otherwise it'll show through and you will appropriate culture or it'll come off as offensive even. Anyways so I chose skiing, hiking, biking and water sports like canoeing. I looked online and read for a while about what were the most annoying things that people found in each sport. A lot of them had to do with carrying all the equipment needed to do each sport, so people we tired of packing for a few days straight. I also noticed people were embarrassed about going to the toilet in nature, and I can say for experience that I would not go for a good week if I was in nature! There is also a problem with putting trash away. When people are in nature they don't want to litter but they also don't want to carry a plastic bag around with all their gross trash so maybe I can address that.

Anyways at the end we went over each other's projects and explained what we had discovered or done today, which was very useful, and it didn't feel forced at all. I think we had good feedback for everyone! 

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