02/03/17 - Library Visit (finding book sources)

Today i went to the library in search of books directly linked to waste, and the environmental impacts that it has. I also found books that talked about different cultures, and how waste interchanges between them, whether they are from an MEDC of LEDC. Unfortunately i was not able to find all the books that i initially wrote down, but I scanned various pages from three where i felt that they had relevant information: - 

  Packard V. The Waste Makers / Vance Packard ; introduction by Bill McKibben. Brooklyn, NY pp. 19-24, 79-88, 187-198


   Thill B. Waste (2015) New York, New York : Bloomsbury Academic pp. 19-35


   Gutberlet J. Recovering Resources – Recycling Citinzership : urban poverty reduction in Latin America (2008) Aldershot :      Ashgate pp. 19-40

I will annotate these pages and upload this to the Research section of my workflow. I hope this will help me to understand this topic that i have introduced to a higher level.

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