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Today, Kathleen was our tutor and we did an activity the whole morning, and part of the afternoon. Unfortunately I couldn't be here for the workshop in the late afternoon, but i spent the day reflecting on my project. Basically we had to come from this previous research week with a double page spread of our theme and show it to the class. She was not in a great mood at the beginning since people hadn't done much over research week, but then she got nicer when people started showing some work. When I went up to present, I showed my sketchbook pages and explained that I combined the two things I was fascinated with, which were mountains and relaxing, and combined them into adventure, which is ultimately my most highly regarded passion. I talked about how I originally wanted to focus on technology but I figured I wanted to show off my making skills, so I steered away from that. She gave me some feedback about my theme, and we discussed a little bit the ins and outs, and she gave me a green light so I assume there isn't much that she wasn't happy with. This gave me a little bit more confidence that I made the right choice to give up on the technology aspect. 

The rest of the day was pretty much the same. Everyone else presented their ideas, so I got to see kind of where I stood amongst others projects. Honestly all the themes were interesting. I didn't see one that I thought was overdone or anything so I am quite excited to see what people are going to make. I think people really pull through at the end, and even if it seems like they don't care or anything, they secretly do. 

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