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Today we had Tom as our tutor, and it was relaxed but productive. We did an activity in the morning where we had OFSTEAD come and look at what we were doing. We basically did the same activity that we did for the utility project. At least I think it was utility... Anyways we looked at arranging our research in groups at first. Then we looked at making an axis on some paper and arranging them with a little bit more nuanced. I think that this helped us more to for Design in general than for this particular project. I really, honestly don't think that I would do this by myself at home, but I see how it would help others that might not have a concrete idea of what they want to focus on. When I do my secondary research, I usually have an idea of what I'm looking for, and for me to then print out a bunch of images and cut them out and play around with them seems a little far-fetched. I think I also organise my research in my head while I'm doing it. But, for the purpose of today's exercise, it was fun talking to others about their ideas and their projects. 

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