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Today we had class with Kathleen and Georgia, and it honestly was one of the most useful days ever. We had an hour talk in the morning about what other people's workflows looked like and what we were expected to have in there. I do understand a little better now, but it's just hard to keep up every day so I will make more time to reflect. Then we had independent time until the end of the day where we came together as a group and looked at what we had produced. We had to take the abstract drawings we did before class and make them into a 3D model. I chose to focus on the word Natural because it made the most sense for me to explore that since I am working on human needs and wants outdoors. I went ahead and found a scratch piece of wood in the bins and used that as my base. I sanded an ergonomic and soft triangles with the two bottom corners chopped off. It felt really nice in your hand and the varnish I put over gave it a little bit more kick. I then found a chisel and used that to make one side really rough, kind of like nature. So on one side you have a really smooth and clean looking triangle, and on the other you can get splinters. I found the contrast between these two textures fascinating and I think it reflects really well what nature means to me.

I also talked to Georgia today about my proposal and honestly I feel a lot more confident in the direction I am taking. I was a little scared after my week in France because I dropped this whole "futuristic approach" that I wanted to focus on in the first place. There were so many choices and routes for me to take in the adventure market. We basically sat down and went through the brief. We outlined and simplified what I was trying to say and made a sort of thesis that I could follow. I'll post a picture of our notes. We agreed that I was going to look into the kind of "glamping" aspect of adventure, so I'm not pushing people to go on adventures anymore but I am facilitating the access to it by creating a high-quality and functional object. I will read through my brief against and edit it to reflect what we spoke about in our meeting. I'm excited!

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