Lenert & Sander

I briefly wanted to include the piece below by Lenert & Sander. My reflections on Cornelia Kondrads' work to the left and below, led me to think of this piece. The conclusion I came to from my research of Konrads' work, was that sometimes an audience can be confronted with forms, images or visuals, that initiate thoughts about a particular subject area, and in turn prompt them to realise that they already know as much about said subject as in necessary. I feel that this is true also for this piece "Revenge" below. In each of the scenarios in the video, I expect to see the egg smashed by whatever threat there may be including a champagne cork about to burst or a swinging hammer. What I find is clever about this concept is that as soon as the "scene is set" in each sequence of the video, when all elements of that scenario are present, we as an audience know what is going to happen. In this way we educate ourselves on how much we already know about any given subject area - pendulum curves with the hammer or gas pressure in the champagne bottle.


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