Moving on to plastic bags... 

Today I saw a plastic bin bag caught up in a skeletal looking tree. This gave me the idea to introduce lots of plastic bags within an environment full of trees, where they would be caught and intertwined within their branches. Their branches currently looking lifeless and leafless due to the season makes them look right for the part. They look vulnerable and almost reef-like, giving the impression that the bags would be taking over their habitat and their life like they currently do within our oceans. In order to go forward with this idea, i have started to look up images of bags caught within tree branches, to get an impression of the overall look. From this i have concluded...

1) i should use all white plastic bags, they will be seen better by the camera (blend less into the environment) Consistency in colour has proven to be successful from the artists that i have explored so far. 

2) use bin bags so they are larger and therefore more dominant within the space - they will look ghostly in a large group 

3) choose an area that has a consistent view (no other objects to take away from the focus) - preferably just trees



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