Today i continued with my exploration in cardboard materials. I looked at the faults of what i had assembled on the previous day and ways in which i could adjust it. One fault being, it just looked like a pile of bound rubbish. In order to tackle this i had to reassemble it in order to disguise it further from its original shape. I took inspiration from the cross section of a trunks rings that i made in my sketchbook on the previous day, out of the scraps of left over torn paper from the cardboard. (This demonstrated to me the importance small doodles and scrappy attempts have, for at the time they seem pointless, but coming back to them can allow you to trigger new ideas). I decided to bend the cardboard and attach them in ways to make a 3 dimensional object of what was in the sketchbook; in other words, recreate a log out of the cardboard. Placing these within a forest environment would be better disguised and blend in well within the trees.

I thought that this was an interesting concept, as it plays with the idea of the source of the material being from trees. There is an irony in recreating an object out of its original source. Perhaps  i will continue to look into the source of my materials for future tests, as it can create a whole new narrative to the piece.

Through documentation of the object, i noticed the texture was something of importance to me. I took chalk rubbings of it and saw this also resembled the rubbings that you may find from an actual tree, but also tyre track tracks and the marks you may find from oily chains; this being completely opposite from the intention of the original piece, where i hoped to make something that looked organic and fragile.  


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