"Overview of Demolition Waste in the UK" :

Total construction and demolition waste for England was estimated at 89.6 million tonnes in 2005. 46 million tonnes were recycled and a further 15 million tonnes were spread on exempt sites (usually land reclamation, agricultural improvement or infrastructure projects). The remaining 28 million tonnes were sent to landfill (including backfilling at quarries, and landfill engineering) as waste. The waste arisings only account for aggregate wastes and excludes other non-aggregate waste streams such as timber, plasterboard, insulation and plastics.

How to better manage demolition arisings:

Unlike construction waste, it is not possible to minimise the quantity of demolition arisings. Minimising the quantity of demolition arising entering the landfill and finding higher grade applications via reuse and recycling activities contributes towards the better management of demolition waste. 

- Recyling: Concrete is readily separable at demolition sites, easily recycled, with good quality assurance. Very often the problem with recycling demolition arising is that the crushed materials are down-cycled. 



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