Tadashi Kawamata is an artist who works in the midst of demolition and construction. These projects have taken place all over the world and range from intimate transformations of a single house or apartment to the whole scale reconfiguration of towns. Usually using scrap or reclaimed materials, mostly wood; Kawamata sets about building new and unusual structures by engaging with ideas of home, shelter, and social contexts. He creates installations in both public and private spaces. Kawamata's aim is to turn these environments inside out, and present the viewers with a completely fresh view of their surroundings, whether it's from a walkway built three metres above the town square or by a room transformed with a suspended ceiling of reclaimed doors. These projects make us question our environment, the way it is constructed and how we interact with it.

Kawamata is one of the artists that inspired me, as his works is based in the midst of demolition and construction which is similar to my project. I was inspired by how he sets an existing building into new and unusual structures by turning these environments "inside out". My intention is to have more knowledge of my concept and to find artists that could influence me creating new experimentation. 


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