21/02/17 - Research Evaluation and Victoira Miro (Do Ho Suh)

Today I reviewed my research within my workflow, and this was extremely useful as it helped me to critique and become further analytical of the artists' work that i have previously researched. I compared two artist's work, Boclé's and Munson's, as they are similar in method and presentation, however i was able to point out the reasons as to why Boclé's was more successful as a composition: it was consistent in texture, material, and configuration, which also meant that it held a more fragile quality. From looking at the work by Donovan, i was able to establish was made her sculptures look so successful in terms of vulnerability, it was also her use of consistent material and lay out. A pureness was also achieved through using white, but this has taken away the idea that waste is threatening. It has helped to disguise it as something that is clean and unpolluted

I have learnt today that by coming back to old research, you are able to pick up and learn new things that you may not have noticed before when initially researching it. I will continue to look over my old research in hope to learn new things and take away key ideas. 


Following this, i went to the Victoria Miro gallery to see the work of Do Ho Suh, "Passages". This was a successful trip and it allowed me to see how you can interpret forms both two dimensionally and three dimensionally. It forced me to reconsider my surroundings, and the "Passages" within it, as i walk down corridors and streets. It also demonstrated a method of working that i have never seen before, a technique that helped to completely reinterpret, transform and transfigure objects from their original self, into something far more delicate and organic looking. The Press Release and research on this will be found within the Research III tab. 


I also continued with the collection of rubbish and assembling it, using materials that contrast greatly to yesterday in terms of composition and texture. Yesterday i used soft paper and plastic, today i am using cardboard. It was interesting to see how both materials can achieve similar organic qualities.  

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