20/02/17 - Day 1 of collection

Today i started collecting my rubbish and playing with it in order for it to take a sculptural form. I used the plastic and paper that coated my laundry, and created bulbous organic like shapes by scrunching it up in balls. I then used light to see what different qualities may by picked up (as i did in my previous project, The Everyday). I have learnt from this today, that in order for it to have a good visual impact, i will need to repeat the process with lots of the same repeated materials. (like Boclé did with his piece, "Everything Must Go"). I think that this method of working is a great starting point for this project, as it will help me to learn what materials work best in terms of manipulation and which are able to sustain their shapes. This will help me to narrow down what materials i use in the future. I will therefore continue to work like this and document the process as i go. 

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