17/02/17 - Hockney

Today i visited the Hockney exhibition at Tate Britain. Although his work is not to my own taste, i found the overall exhibition inspirational due to his range of styles over a 60 year period. He allows the evolution of technology and architecture to adapt his own work and methods of practise. (more about the exhibition will be found in the Research III tab).

 Visiting galleries, even if the work does not directly relate to your project, is still incredibly important as i have discovered today. You are still able to appreciate different methodologies of work, and curating skills which can benefit you in the long run if not necessarily now.  In addition, you never know what else you may come across during your visit. This was the case today, as i came across work by Rachel Maclean, which was all to do with the themes that i am exploring now,; consumerism and its effect on us. 

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