Project Concept & Description


While I was walking around the Liverpool Street area, I noticed the large number of construction sites. I grew up in London and I notice that the city always has construction sites which involve demolition of previous buildings and consecution of new buildings. The aims of my project is to work in the midst of construction and demolition by looking at construction sites and how demolition leads to wastes. The problems I am seeking to resolve is how ‘construction and demolition’ waste is not being recognised, though it is one of the heaviest and most voluminous waste.

I am exploring this idea of ‘construction and demolition’ in three different ways. Firstly, through primary research of construction sites in London - I looked at the imagery and how demolition waste was being compressed which left the surroundings looking empty and vulnerable. Secondly, in order to develop my ideas further I interpreted the words “demolition” which I came across to “compression”. Therefore, I followed this up by researching the work of César Baldachin and John Chamberlain specifically for their radical compressions. I plan to look at objects being reduced in scale, capacity and proportions in a innovative way by demonstrating a new practical methods in terms of manipulation of textiles, for example, melting plastics and incorporating within fabrics.

I would like to focus on pattern cutting as well as exploring with interesting silhouettes, which will be beneficial for me when constructing my final outcome. Ideally, I want to present a fully developed garment with distinctive details of textiles along with a final design development sheets.



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