Project Review 


Throughout the Foundation Diploma course, I’ve learned to push myself to work independently. The course has taught me to see things and experience a whole new dimension by researching my concept in various fields, and using inspiration to develop innovative ideas. I am very pleased by the freedom we are given by our tutors and their gave advice on how I should extend my development, as this step is what I believe that I struggle a bit. I have learned to freely express my creativity in my sketchbook, providing myself with a document of ideas. I have also learned how to pick out the ‘crucial ideas’ from my development rather than having too many ideas which became too confusing. I believe that I have become much more confident when producing my works artistically. 

For part one and two it was mainly focusing on improving my skills through the use of different media. This allowed a chance for me to showcase my personality through my drawings, collages and samples. I believe that these skills are vital for my future. 


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