Today i finished off my proposal, and spoke to a tutor about where this project was heading. I was given a few suggestions as to how i could get started....

1) make an object everyday out of waste next week

2) outcome may involve the solution rather than the problem itself (plastic-eating worms) Dont have to just focus on the negatives?

3) Look at Tony Cragg - makes pieces out of plastics 

4)Look at  Jane bennett - Enchantment of Modern LIfe (Book) - Talks about different values of objects (may be too off topic...?)

5) photograph and document waste daily (in skips) - make use of constant supply! - at CSM

6) revisit old projects and processes - using tights/bin bags - Manipulate them further

Having this talk was very reassuring as i feel more confident in my ideas. I am no longer worrying about getting to an outcome, but more about the process towards that and the initial research required. 

I also got started with my workflow, inputting research and artists that i have seen in previous exhibitions that fall into the themes of my work. I think that it is crucial for me to have seen the physical work in person, rather than just online, as you are able to fully see the visual impact that the artist intends to have. This is particularly important for the artists that i have researched today, (Jean Francois Bocle, Maha Malluh), as they rely on mass quantities to stimulate a visual impact. I will be looking out for exhibitions for the artists that i have mentioned in my workflow later on. 

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