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Today I went to the library again with Sondos to finish looking at some books. I found a bunch of exerts that would be great for people to understand the concept behind my proposal. I finished writing it today actually, but I still have to edit everything and make it more concise. I wrote in my last reflection that I wasn't sure who I wanted to design for, and I think I have narrowed it down. Since I want to focus on bringing back adventure into people's everyday lives, I will focus on a niche group of people that have that little extra time but don't know where to start off to explore where they live. I obviously need more research and data to back that up, since it's mostly presumption for the moment but that would be a good route to follow. 

I also mention in my brief (I will put it in my primary and secondary research pages) that I want to focus on technology in my project. I know that we haven't touched on futuristic Design, or designing things that people don't know they need and want, but I think it would be a really innovative area to look into. It will be very tricky however, to make people understand how my product works, since I would be inventing a system or a gadget that won't actually exist. In terms of making, I would make the outer shell of the tech, for example the apple watch in foam, so people could try it on and everything, but they would have to really imagine how it would look like. That will be hard to explain, but we'll see!

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