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Today, I worked on my proposal's bibliography at the library. Sondos and I spent the whole morning there looking at stuff online and in books. I realised that there is a huge psychological component that I really need to focus on in my project. Since I am looking at pushing people to go on adventures and explore, I need to understand in a little bit more depth why we do the things we do. Why do we crave a sense of adventure, but why do we also sit on our butts all day watching cat videos? 

There is also this issue of being able to afford all the travel costs. If you're barely getting by financially, going on an adventure is the lest of your worries. Fending for yourself and your family comes first. So this idea of social status and adventure raises the question of who am I designing for? Am I trying to make adventure more feasible for people who can't afford it right now? Am I making something for people who already can afford to go on adventures? Who is my target audience?

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