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Abstract: The Art Of Design. (2017). [film] USA: Netflix Original.

Chasing Ice. (2012). [film] Directed by J. Orlowski. United Kingdom: Submarine Deluxe.

Frozen Planet. (2011). [film] Directed by R. Dal. United Kingdom: BBC One.

Jeremy Jones' Further. (2012). [film] Directed by S. Motivala. USA: Teton Gravity Research.

Jumbo Wild. (2015). [film] Directed by N. Waggoner. Canada: Patagonia.

Last Chance To See. (2009). [film] BBC Broadcast.

Shark Water. (2007). [film] Directed by R. Stewart. Canada: Freestyle Releasing.

Stephen Fry in America. (2008). [film] Directed by S. Fry. United Kingdom: BBC One.

Untamed Americas. (2012). [film] Directed by J. Brolin. USA: National Geographic channel. 

Yellowstone: Battle for Life. (2009). [film] Directed by M. Gunton. United Kingdom: BBC Natural History Unit.

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