February 2nd THURSDAY

The day of interviews!
Since I have decided to only apply for CSM courses I basically went all in . This was my only chance and opportunity and I know that I can't mess up. 
Early in the morning, we came in to the studio to drop off our portfolios. Then we had about 3 hours off and that is when tutors from BA were going through our portfolios and sketchbooks. Couple of friends and I decided to go for a coffee and go through some questions that are most likely to being asked at the interview. I believe that this action really helped all of us to calm down and to talk about our ideas/ opinions etc. naturally.
Later on , we were invited for an interview in group of more or less 10 people. The questions that tutors asked were simple and fast . 
1. Why do you want to do fashion ?
2. If you have an opportunity to work with some designer from the fashion industry, who would that be? 
I believe that I did my best and that I made a good impression. Even though, I was a little bit nervous (because of many people listening of what I was saying , but also breathing behind my neck ) I answered the questions spontaneously and I think I saw tutors smiling a bit - what an achievement !

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