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Research Brief:

After the e-research session and over the Christmas break, we would like you to gather as many materials as possible that are found within your own cultures and geographical locations. You will need to collect a resource of materials that you can draw from for the Small Change project. You should be able to discuss the relevance of your chosen materials in terms of sustainability. This may be simply through your choice of material, how it has been produced and perhaps by who, the environmental aspects that make your material a good choice and also the cultural aspects that made the material appealing or significant to you. Over Christmas we want you to continue researching into sustainability so that you develop a knowledge and understanding of all the considerations you will need to address as a designer/maker. Start making your research more specific to your pathway related interests of Product Design and Ceramics. Collect information on the work of contemporary practitioners. Analyse it. Evaluate it.

Main Brief:

As professional designers you will be asked to design products within a given budget and to consider the price of the product for a particular market. For this project, you will be designing a product that can be easily batch produced (by you!) and for a very small budget. Your project should be sustainable. Your products will go on sale to your fellow students and tutors on 26th January. This is also an UP event, and staff from your future courses will be invited. 

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