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Research Brief:

The theme for the next project is learning the process of batch production. Batch production is producing a series of more than one identical object using a mould. You will be working in slip-cast ceramics for this project. The following designers often use batch production in their work. Please start to gather some research on designers working with casting any of the following materials: concrete, metal, glass, plastic, resin, ceramics or plaster. For this project we really want to see design based examples rather than craft based examples. You are welcome to investigate the following list of artists and designers, but it would be good to see evidence of designers work that you find through independent research.

Main Brief:

For this project you will be designing specifically for the CSM college building at Kings Cross. The college is situated within historic, ex industrial, buildings that have been sympathetically converted to accommodate all the artistic disciplines underneath one roof. This state of the art complex is designed to unite heritage with modernity. In this project you will be working in ceramics, using a traditional production technique (slip-casting) to produce contemporary vessels designed for use in the college. Slip-casting is a ceramic production process that uses liquid clay inside a plaster mould to quickly make multiple, hollow, ceramic forms. For this project you will use industrial factory moulds, supplied by your tutor, to make hollow shaped vessels, these will be the main component in your designs. The cast components must be used at 1:1 scale. 

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