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Today was our first day of class. I attended the lecture yesterday, which was very useful because I needed to understand the parameters of this very, very open project. I think at first, I was kind of overwhelmed with the amount of options we could choose from. I wanted to pick a theme that was both different from what other people have done in the past years, and are going to do this year, and that would keep me interested for 10 weeks. I came into class with my two themes, being unsure of what to do, and I stepped out of class with a confident theme to continue working on and exploring, so we can say today was very successful. 

Here's the backstory to my design thinking. I moved to Dubai when I was 12, and I have hated it ever since the first day. Moving to Dubai, I felt like I was stripped of everything, including my rights, my childhood, and most important of all, nature. I want to focus on Nature. I would go back to France every single summer, and be able to enjoy again the wild nature we find there. My family and I were always very adventurous and we would be constantly doing things. As a city rat today, I want to bring some sort of adventure back into people's lives, and get them moving. That's my theme: adventure.

Personally, I don't have the time or money to go out and about and explore nature here in London (or the little nature that we have). I think it also goes the same way for a lot of people here. I want to give them some kind of incentive that would get them going. This Adventure theme brings both my original ideas together, into one open (but not too open) theme. I know this reflection is all over the place, but I am going to make it more precise as I write the brief tonight.

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