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Today we had to attend a Unit 7 Introductory Lecture, where we would be introduced the first part of our project. I hadn't been in school for a while, so it was refreshing to see everyone's faces. Prior to coming in, I looked online at the requirements and steps for unit 7, and I was quite honestly quite overwhelmed. 

I thought about what I wanted my theme to be, and two major questions arose. Did I want to concentrate on a theme pertaining to my daily activities like cooking, cleaning, eating ect.? Or, did I want to choose a theme that I was deeply passionate about, but I never got the chance to do? So I was thinking about that during the lecture, and I was slowly but surely freaking out. Kathleen also said to think solely of the theme, not of ideas of products to create because that would block your creativity and everything. 

For tomorrow, we have to come up with two themes and write 250 words about them, which I am doing now. I thought about it really hard on the way home, and I spoke to my mother as well when we were skyping. I decided to take the passion route because I honestly think it will yield more results. In the long run of my Design career, I want to work on projects that are more than just creating a new tool for the kitchen. I loved working on our projects in the past that had to do with bigger issues than dirty dishes (Although I do understand how those help people as well). For the two themes, I chose "Relax!" and "A Need For Nature". I will put a picture below of what I wrote for those. I am honestly not very happy with them being separated, so tomorrow I want to think of a way to combine them. I honestly would love to work with both of them.

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