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"Were they afraid of dying early? No, people told him, they were afraid of modern life.


'Modern life is war', one ex-coalminer told him, 'Constant struggle, no clear purpose.'"

















Chernobyl Stalker from Donald Weber on Vimeo.




images/video by Donald Weber

text by  Larry Frolick




"That first morning, as the plume of radioactive debris fell across the land and into the rest of Europe, the authorities evacuated the city of Pripyat and created a 40-kilometer Exclusion Zone around it. The 50,000 residents had fifteen minutes to leave, and never returned.

Today a ring of silent fire surrounds these pine woods and abandoned apartment buildings. People are not supposed to live here; wild boars, rabbits and deer thrive in the lush greenery. Even the steppe wolves have returned."





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