January the 5th THURSADAY

Coming back to CSM after the long Christmas break ... 
getting briefed on the Lace Project.
Obviously, when they want us to work on lace, they don't mean to go very traditional way , but to explore a wide range and possibilities with Lace. We have done some exercises in order to get better and clearer ideas on our Lace concept.
After watching the video of myself talking about lace and the research I have done so far, I realised that is crappy and I don't see any potential in it. My initial research was way too broad, without innovative ways of looking at lace and without any certain direction of interests. I am probably  going to use the research at some point because it was very much based on characteristics of lace and the association of lace to myself. 
Sometimes, it is better to reconsider the choices before going ' the wrong direction'.



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