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Today was the final small change fair. I came in early since I was part of the marketing team that organised literally everything. On that note, I actually could only attend one of the three meetings we had because of babysitting and previous engagements. However, I was always there on the group chat to voice my unfiltered opinions. 

Anyways I came in at 9:30 to set  up the tables, which took about an hour, but went very smoothly. We had Mabel directing everyone around the space and telling us where to put the tables. It was leg day yesterday at the gym so my arms were fine but I couldn't feel my legs at the end. I was a little annoyed at the guard's comments about us carrying the tables. They were a little sexist and unwanted. Anyways whatever, It's his problem.

After setting up the tables, we had a meeting and set up our display downstairs. I cut some papers for the last minute people (including me) to fill out. I then went downstairs to set up my space and help others out. From 11:30 to 15:00, we stood in the artic weather and sold our products. Apart from the cold, it was the coolest (literally) day in the world. I interacted with students, and with members of the public. I sold about thirty of my coasters and made £70, which was great. What was even better was that I could keep the rest of my coaster and give them as presents to my family when I go to France in February. Overall, very successful day. I got frost bite everywhere but it was worth it.

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