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Today, the class was focused on finishing up out Small `change project. I think I was very good the past two weeks on timing. I think the fact that I did a lot in the first week made it easier for me to manage my time in the following week, and it made those following weeks much more relaxed. I really focused on making every single little detail perfect. Even though I went for quantity, the quality was still very much present. 

So today, I just had to glue a few last coasters and slather all of them in PVA to make them look perfect and tada!! I was completely finished. Now I just have to think about the packaging and make it tomorrow. I already cut a million little plywood squares and painted them a vintage red, blue and yellow. Tomorrow I will buy some ribbon (I'm thinking satin red) and glue gun one end to the coaster and the other end to the little plywood tag. I also want the tags to have the dates of the magazines on them so people know what they are buying, and it makes them look more authentic and vintage.

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