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I was in the workshop all day today doing two projects at once. It was very, very hectic but I managed to do so much in an afternoon it was crazy. I started off by doing the utility project since it is due early next week. I need to make a wallet that is thin, that can hold up to three or four cards, that holds an SD card safely and that attaches to a phone.

I started by using wood and trying to see where the card would be placed. The wallet had to be comfortable to hold when holding a phone and it had to be small enough to not block the camera. The wood was too thick to work, so I opted for card. I didn't like the look of the card though, so I looked around the workshop and found some random calico! I basically made two wallet sized rectangles and wrapped it in calico. I then went and bought some cheap ribbon and glued it to the wallet so that you just had to pull on it to make the cards come out. I also made a separate tiny pocket to fit the SD card in and used the same ribbon mechanism to take it out. I then glued the two pieces together and tada! it wasn't hard to make per say, but it was difficult to figure out the mechanisms in it. There were also a lot of constraints that I needed to adhere to, and that was challenging. 

The second half of the day, I focused on my coasters. The night before, I had made some cardboard tags and painted them retro colours, but I really didn't like how cheap they looked. So, I decided to cut out little squares of plywood that I would make new tags out of. I will paint these this weekend. I also cut out a bunch of circles yesterday from the last magazine, and since I am taking the bulk-selling road, I am trying to make as many coasters as I can. So I set out to find some spare MDF, which was very hard to find by the way. I ended up cutting out 14 extra circles and sanded those down. I cleaned them and stuck the magazines on. In total, I made 52 coasters, which is quite a lot in a few days. I was told to sell them for 2,50-3,00 pounds but  really don't think that people would pay upwards of 8 pounds for some coasters. I settled on 1,50 pounds, which would equal to approximately 80 pounds. That's good enough for me!

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